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Cafeteria Information

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Cafeteria Information

 What is being served today?  

Image result for school cafeteria clip art  School Lunch Menu


Does my student have money on their lunch account?
Image result for lunch money now clip art  Check your child's account at Lunch Money Now

Can I eat lunch with my child?

Yes!  Please check in through the office with a valid photo i.d.  You may eat lunch with your child during your child’s designated lunch time.  A table has been provided in the cafeteria for you to sit comfortably with them. 

How much does Breakfast and/or lunch cost?
Breakfast – free to all RRE students this year

Visitor Breakfast - $2.00

Student Lunch $2.35

Reduced Student Lunch $ . 40

Visitor Lunch $3.50


For more information about BISD Food Services please click here.

Clip art of kids eating lunch at a table

RRE Lunch Times:
Pre-K AM   10:30-11:00
Pre-K PM    11:10-11:40
Henson        10:35-11:05
Fuller            10:35-11:05
Fitzhugh       10:40-11:10
Estrada         10:40-11:10
Esquivel        10:45-11:15
Breedlove     10:45-11:15 
First Grade
Calderon        11:08-11:38
Garcia           10:50-11:20
Gorden          10:50-11:20
Gutierrez       10:50-11:20
Marchman     10:53-11:23
Monnich         11:08-11:38
Thielen           11:13-11:43 
Second Grade
Schlabach      12:10-12:40
Carrisalez       12:10-12:40
Gustafson       12:10-12:40
Tillman            12:15-12:45
Rodriguez       12:15-12:45
Clancy             12:15-12:45
Cancel             12:15-12:45
Third Grade
Bradbury          11:18-11:48
Lewis               11:18-11:48
McGarey          11:18-11:48
Yzaguirre         11:23-11:53
Caperton          11:23-11:53
Caldera            11:23-11:53
Fourth Grade
Wessels          11:45-12:15
Tate                 11:45-12:15
Moss               11:45-12:15
Cotto               11:45-12:15
McMahan        11:50-12:20 
Knop               11:50-12:20
Wiatrek            11:50-12:20